Wazzup Blads 'N' Bladrens

ZandPG are a group of youtubers,We will be adding new pages to the wiki so stay tuned!

What does ZandPG stand for?

Zombex2012 And Purple_Gecko

The People in ZandPG so far are:

Charlie Burdge (Purple_Gecko)

Max Askew (Darkmoon3009)

Joe Doktor (moop123)

Ryan Thwaites (Zombex2012)

Harry Emmette (Hazzman2)

Kyle (KATHRAN556)


Robin (RobinTheKayOh)

liam (phantomx98

They Will Be adding there own page wich they can update when they want,In the next 1-2Weeks.

ZandPG's Top Ten mods


2. Mo Creatures

3. Millenaire

4. Single Player Commands

5. MineColony

6. SteamCraft

7. Humans +

8. Minerarria

9. Balkan’s Weapons

10. Builders

ZandPG's Top ten Texture packs

1. LB Photo Realism

2. CartoonCraft

3. Painterly Pack

4. Diamond Craft

5. LegoPak

6. Transparent

7. BorderCraft

8. Black & White

9. Skyrim

10. Summerfield


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